Meet the staff.

Our success is measured by how many children we’ve helped save, how many cases we’ve contributed to solving and how much harm we’ve prevented. Through focused and persistent effort, we can stop online child sexual abuse.


julie cordua

Chief Executive Officer

sarah gardner

Director of Development

brooke istook

Director of Programs & Partnerships

kristin boorse

Head of Product Management

travis bright

Product Director

chase ricketts

Lead Software Engineer

douglas graves

Software Designer & Engineer

kristy kosak

Programs Manager

sarah potts

Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications

bria king

Product Manager

rachel robinson

Senior People Operations Manager

kelbi schnabel

Programs Coordinator

dr. rebecca portnoff

Data Science Chapter Lead

jacob gillespie

Software Engineer

melissa stroebel

Senior Program Manager

adrienne platner

Software Engineer

emily cashman kirstein

Senior Manager of Government Affairs

emily schultz

Lead Software Engineer

kevin chevalier

Software Engineer

jacqui kemp

Major Gifts Officer

andrew shim

Software Engineer

kyle galbraith

Software Engineer

kristin mcgunnigle

Product Trainer

caroline chang

Product Marketer

erin braswell

Data Engineer

fausto morales

Data Scientist

rachele moresi

Software Engineer

kate gantner

People Operations Manager

david rust-smith

Data Scientist

peter parente

Data Engineer

michelle cormack

Senior Finance Manager

lauren cooper

Online Giving Manager

yann renaudin

Software Engineer

jillian woolley

Technical Writer

christina rose

Head of Marketing

kwynn gonzalez-pons

Research Associate

arina igumenshcheva

Data Analyst

lily rhodes

Development Associate

john price

Software Engineer

ryan hachtel

Software Engineer

brendan stromberger

Software Engineer

christina crimmins

Product Manager

kate boyd

Front-End Engineer

benita zhang

Software Engineer

sarah walker

Head of Engineering

shae huck

Product Sales Manager

archana sriram

Full-Stack Engineer

alex noakes

Software Engineer

onawa haynes

Grant Writer

simar kataria

People Operations Associate

rob wang

Data Scientist

james kerley

Digital Marketing Manager

mo ezderman

Engineering Manager

margaret pearce

Data Engineer

This fight needs people from all parts of the world, with a variety of skills and backgrounds.