Child Sex Trafficking

Thorn Technology Task Force: Leading the Fight Against Child Sexual Exploitation

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Thorn’s work to stop child exploitation would not be possible without the support of more than 20 technology companies – a collective unit we call The Thorn Technology Task Force.

The threat of child sexual exploitation is constantly evolving, particularly with the large strides made in technology in the last two decades. Since the fight to end child trafficking and child abuse imagery is fought on many different battlefields, we at Thorn work to bring together a diverse range of tech companies who bring perspectives from all corners of the fight.

The Tech Task force members range from social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tagged, to companies providing unique web-based tools, like Twilio and Ustream. The unique thread that bonds all members of the Tech Task Force is their collective commitment to working together to leverage technology to end child exploitation.

Technology as a Solution to the Problem of Child Sexual Exploitation

Ron Conway, founder of SV Angel, helped Thorn create the Technology Task Force in 2010 because we recognized the need to engage technology industry leaders to help wage a successful war against child sexual exploitation across the web.

Working in collaboration with a wide variety of technology companies has helped shape the nature of innovation in our work. The Shared Hash program, The Sound Practices Guide and the BeFree text shortcode are three examples of collaborative efforts from members of the Tech Task Force.

The Technology Task Force also serves to continue to incubate programs and ideas that will remain at the cutting edge of technology to provide new ways to tackle the issue of child sexual exploitation.

Watch the video below to hear some of our technology partners talk about how the Tech Task Force has brought them together in the fight to end child sexual exploitation:

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