We can all be a
force for good.

What a year.

When you heard from us in 2017, we had helped identify 2,000 children. We’re now at 9,380. And with growing support that number is now closer to 10,000. We need you to talk about these wins — shout them out. These wins keep us focused on driving technology forward as a force for good, to find even more kids faster.

We’re still here, we’re still working. And we won’t stop.

5 years, 5 numbers

worth celebrating

Everyone can be a force for good.

Are you in? Let’s get to work.

keep talking

It’s going to take work to change the world. Get started by making sure your friends know the scope of the problem. Our job is to inspire people to join in this work, to show the path towards affecting change.

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Listen to survivors

You’ve heard the stats, but survivors are the key to turning those stats into tangible action. Center your knowledge in the experiences of people who have been there and do what you can to elevate their voices.

Amplify their voices

Find a local organization

This is a global problem with a local solution. Maybe your local organization has a wishlist of items they need, maybe you can offer free services, maybe you’re hiring and would like to offer a survivor a job. Think about what you have to offer, and offer it.

I'm ready to help


Laws matter. Knowledge of local laws and representatives gives you the power to be an even more effective advocate. Taking time out of your day to talk to your government about theses issues shows your representatives that you care about what they’re doing to protect children.

Knowledge is power

Until every
child can
be a kid.