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A new chapter for Spotlight and Thorn’s continued commitment to child safety

May 10, 2024

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At Thorn, we are dedicated to empowering those on the frontlines of defending children by providing them with the necessary technology and tools to succeed.

One such tool, Spotlight, is used by law enforcement officers to accomplish one of the most challenging and under-resourced tasks in their field: finding and safeguarding child victims of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST).

Today, we are excited to announce a new chapter for Spotlight, with an accomplished leader at its helm.


Spotlight’s history

Spotlight was built by our team almost 10 years ago with a singular and bold purpose: to support law enforcement officers as they work tirelessly to identify and protect vulnerable children from sex trafficking.

Law enforcement agents who use Spotlight have told us it is a game-changer for their investigations. Without it, finding child victims could be compared to finding a needle in a haystack.

Thorn is proud of the significant impact Spotlight has made to date, and we are deeply grateful to all our partners and supporters who have been part of this journey.


A new home and future for Spotlight

As the landscape of child protection has evolved, so too has our strategic approach. To ensure a long and effective future for Spotlight, we are transitioning it to a new home.

This move will allow Spotlight to benefit from specialized attention and resources, ensuring its continued growth and adaptation to meet the changing needs of law enforcement and child protection.

Spotlight will be in good hands, as Thorn’s former Vice President of Victim Identification, Kristin Boorse— who oversaw the tool and facilitated its success and growth over the last ten years—will be at the helm of the new project. Kristin brings her deep expertise and fierce commitment to those that Spotlight ultimately serves: child victims.


Looking ahead

As we move ahead, Thorn will continue to innovate and expand our broader efforts to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse in this digital age, where nearly all kids grow up with access to technology. We’re grateful to have you by our side through this and every new chapter.


Questions about this transition? Email for responses to your questions during the transition period.

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