Our cause is our code.

Smiling child with sun shining on their face.
Smiling child with sun shining on their face.

Our mission of defending children from sexual exploitation and abuse is deeply embedded within our core—a shared code that drives us to do challenging work with resilience and determination.

As a nonprofit on a mission to defend children with technology, we offer the best of both worlds. Our culture of innovation will challenge you to continually develop your skills while building leading-edge solutions that allow us to achieve our mission.

We collaborate with the sharpest minds from tech, nonprofit, government and law enforcement, and influence decisions that impact children across the globe. You’ll witness the real-world impact of your work as you create solutions alongside colleagues with top skills and unique perspectives.

Join us and take your place among some of the best hearts and minds as we build a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy.

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The Employee Experience

Our values of trust, inclusion, and resilience form the foundation of our employee experience. These values are expressed in four unique ways.

Guided by our committment

Critically Committed

Our dedicated mission of defending children from sexual exploitation and abuse is our top priority and the driving force behind everything we do.

Compassion culture

Whole-istically Human

There is humanity in our mission, in how we treat each other, in our lives, in our work, and in our culture of wellness, care, and compassion.

Lighting strike

Transformational Tech

We are an unstoppable force—resting but never quitting. Constantly improving, challenging, adapting, and solving problems with technology and programs that drive positive change in children’s lives.

Growth mindset


Combining our organizational stability with teamwork and passion, we create a foundation for individuals to become better versions of themselves together.

Our Culture

We take immense pride and satisfaction in working on a mission that protects children. The work we do everyday drives tangible and meaningful results. Although this requires resilience, we add levity to our day-to-day by fostering a supportive work environment where every person is afforded the space to work hard and rest well.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Making DEIB our priority.

We believe that building a culture where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are woven into the fabric of our organization is vital to our mission. Thorn is committed to building a diverse team where there is equitable opportunity for growth, inclusive ways of working, and where every team member can feel a true sense of belonging as they bring their whole selves to this work.

Wellness committment


Equipped for the journey.

We foster an environment of wellness, care, and compassion. Our employees’ personal and professional wellbeing is key to our strong and resilient workforce. Supporting our team with wellness groups, individual coaching, and a connected community full of compassionate colleagues is vital to the sustainability of our work.

Flexible, remote work


Work that works with you.

As a remote-only organization since our inception in 2012, we’ve mastered how to create a connected culture and community that embraces teamwork and collaboration. We value and recognize that our human experiences—family, health, adventure—are important and necessary. We provide the autonomy and flexibility to succeed both individually and collectively.

Career with Cause: Hear from our Team

Learn about a career with Thorn from the people whose passion drives our mission- the Thorn team. Together, we blog about our unique culture, what inspires us to do what we do, and how a career here is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Headshot of Melissa Stroebel
Life at Thorn
January 8, 2024

Meet the Team: A Conversation with Melissa Stroebel

At Thorn, we bring together the best hearts and minds from tech, child protection, business and nonprofit fields to create powerful products and programs to defend children from sexual abuse. We’re highlighting some of the exceptional people who bring our…
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Life at Thorn
October 10, 2022

10 Wellness Tips for World Mental Health Day

Once you know about child sexual abuse, you can't un-know it. In order to stay resilient in the fight to defend children from sexual abuse, protecting mental health is paramount. 
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“After three years Thorn continues to be my dream job that I wake up excited for every morning. It is the rare intersection of cutting-edge technology, wonderful and passionate people, and a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.”

— David R-S, Sr. Data Scientist

Experience Our Unique Culture

Remote first, IRL second

Work from the comfort of anywhere, inside the continental United States, with flexible schedules that revolve around you and occasional in-person team meet-ups.

Focus on mental wellbeing

Discover ongoing wellness support, from individual coaching sessions to group activities.

Matched 401(k)

Invest in your future and financial wellbeing with our matched support.

Comprehensive insurance

Competitive medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits for you and your loved ones, plus paid leave to grow your family, care for them or care for yourself.

Flexible time off

Adventure and rest how you see fit with flexible PTO and generous company time-off, including a fall break and a winter break. Plus, a 6-week paid sabbatical after 4 years tenure.

Professional development

Continue your professional education to learn new skills and grow in your role.

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