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10 Wellness Tips for World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2022

3 Minute Read

Once you know about child sexual abuse, you can’t un-know it.

Some days are really challenging and emotionally draining. In order to stay resilient in the fight to defend children from sexual abuse, protecting mental health is paramount. 

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. With hope in mind, we talked with Thorn employees, mental health professionals, survivor organizations, law enforcement, and platform safety teams to share their wellness tips: 

1. Unplug

We can all get stuck “doomscrolling” and reading upsetting news stories for hours on end. Take time each day to unplug and go device-free. Review which accounts you follow and consider unfollowing or taking a break from ones that make you feel bad about yourself or take more of your energy than they give with their content.

2. Get Moving

Check in with your body. Where are you feeling pain or discomfort? Make time to stretch or exercise. Keep things interesting with novel and joyful movement! It’s a great way to recharge and become more energized.

3. Go Outside

Whether it’s going for a walk, or just sitting on the front porch, soaking in a bit of fresh air can really improve your mood. Weather changes can also help with grounding, feeling the breeze or rain, reminding us that we are present and safe.

4. Talk to Someone

You are not alone. Difficult subjects can make us feel withdrawn. Reaching out to a trusted friend, spiritual advisor, or mental health professional can help to process your feelings and emerge with better tools for the future.

5. Create a Dedicated Space

For those of us working in this issue space, having a dedicated room in our homes or utilizing co-working spaces can help to create a boundary between our work and personal lives. Even the tactile acts of closing a laptop, shutting a door, and donning “work clothes” can go a long way.

6. Listen to Music

Put on some of your favorite bands or try something more atmospheric like a film score or classical music. (You can even combine the best of both worlds by listening to string quartet covers of pop songs and have fun guessing which one is playing!)

7. Play with Pets

Animals have long been companions to humans and seem to know exactly when we need comfort. Cuddle your cat or take your dog to the park. Not sure you want all the responsibility of pet ownership? Visit a pet cafe or consider a short-term foster.

8. Bake

Try your hand at making a tasty treat from scratch. The methodical steps and process of making something from nothing is soothing and satisfying. Let your senses be pleasantly overwhelmed!

9. Create

Instead of just consuming, try creating. Get messy with paints and clay or try sewing or knitting. The possibilities are endless. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike–just the act of getting started and seeing what comes can be enough.

10. Games

Get lost in an engaging game, from D&D-style role-playing, to board games, card games, video games and more. Sometimes being in an environment of black and white rules and rewards can help bring order from chaos. 

Bring these wellness tips into your everyday life to increase resilience for whatever challenges you face.

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