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We’re building a safer world for kids

Child sexual abuse is a global public health crisis. But it doesn’t have to be. Thorn is on a mission to create a world where every child can simply be a kid.

Two photos of joyful, smiling children illustrate the future Thorn is trying to build.

Every day, Thorn works to defend more kids

As an innovative technology nonprofit, we create products and programs that combat child sexual abuse at scale.

Together, we’re redesigning tomorrow



45+Safer customers

21,500+law enforcement & NGO partners

How are we making an impact?

At Thorn, we put technology to work each day to enhance child safety. Five key initiatives drive everything we do.

We make the internet safer & stop revictimization.

Building safer content-hosting platforms is critically important. We build products and resources to help stop the spread of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and put an end to revictimization.

Thorn has helped the tech industry detect over 5 million child sexual abuse files from the open web.

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We empower parents & youth to prevent abuse.

Talking early and often about online risks can help both kids and adults take control of digital safety. Thorn for Parents is full of resources and skill-building exercises to help adults lead empowering and judgment-free conversations. NoFiltr is our peer-to-peer prevention program that helps teens learn about how to protect themselves from online threats.

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We find children faster.

Our tools and solutions equip investigators and NGOs with the information they need to find child victims faster and remove them from harm.

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We move the child safety ecosystem forward with original research.

To stand up against abuse, we must stay on the cutting edge of changes in the child safety and technology landscape. By conducting novel research, we can adapt our current solutions and tools and create new ones to drive the most impact.

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We influence policy.

Our work is global. We need every lawmaker to have child safety in mind when creating and voting on policy. By collaborating with politicians across the globe (with our primary focus in the U.S. and the EU), we provide the facts and information they need to advocate for the most vulnerable.

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We’re sharing our vision with the world.

Thorn is a leader in the child safety space – and we’re helping the world understand what it takes to defend children.

How we can eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet
Julie Cordua — TED Talk

Join the sharpest minds in child safety

Every person who works for Thorn shares a commitment to do this challenging work of defending children. Build your career as we help build a world where every child is free to simply be a kid. See open positions and learn more about our employee experience.

Careers at Thorn

Meet our board
of directors

Ernie Allen

Global Expert on Child Protection. Founding Chairman, WeProtect Global Alliance

Suzanne Bell

Partner, Covington & Burling

Vanessa Kanu

CFO, TELUS International

Sara Clemens

Senior Advisor, Blackstone Growth

Julie Cordua

CEO, Thorn

Neelie Kroes

Former VP, the European Commission

We appreciate the contribution of our co-founders Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to Thorn’s mission.

Your support makes all the difference.

Change is possible when we come together as a community. With your support, we can protect more children and work faster to build a world we believe in.

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