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Here to help you find children faster

Behind every file of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is a child. Thorn’s technology adds efficiency to the work you’re already doing, so you can find victims of child sexual abuse faster.

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We’re fighting the good fight together

350+agencies in 50 countries use Thorn technology to keep children safe

32%average triage time saved by users of our CSAM Classifier, according to a 2023 user survey

Together, we can protect more children

You show up every day, on the frontlines, ready to fight for children being harmed. We’re by your side, providing tools, data, and resources so you can identify more children faster and more efficiently.

The children you’ll never see, never meet, and sometimes never even know about are thankful for you.

Investigator, United States

CSAM Classifier

Thorn’s CSAM Classifier is a state-of-the-art AI-powered model that identifies new or previously unknown image or video CSAM. Our Classifier gives you the ability to reach the precision threshold you desire. You can access the Thorn CSAM Classifier via Magnet Forensics AXIOM, Griffeye D/I Pro, and BlueBear LACE.

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Spotlight is Thorn’s tool that helps law enforcement in child sex trafficking investigations.

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Ecosystem partnerships

When it comes to safeguarding childhood joy, we each have a unique role to play. But the children we serve rely on us to work together — to amplify our impact by working as a collective.


Thorn is a partner and advises on developments, trends, and perspectives across the online childhood protection ecosystem.

Standard Project

The Global Standard project combines the experience of global experts to create a shared CSAM ontology for the categorization of CSAM. Thorn has helped develop the Universal Classification Schema as part of this project — and continues to advocate for its adoption.


Thorn participates to INTERPOL’s Crimes against Children Unit’s activities, leveraging technical components and data, to overcome technical challenges that investigators face, by contributing with expertise and leadership, and supporting the international community to identify children faster.

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Ready to work together?

Learn more about how Thorn can help you defend children.