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Define a safer online

Tomorrow doesn’t become safer for children on its own. We must create it together. Be part of the solution with Thorn’s products, programs, and free resources.

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Solutions for content-hosting platforms

A safer internet starts with your platform. Platforms that host user-generated content or have messaging capabilities trust Thorn’s solutions to help them mitigate the risk of hosting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) or facilitating child exploitation. Discover our industry-leading products and services that empower you to prioritize child safety at scale.

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Resources for parents

Judgment-free dialogues with your children are the first step in prevention. Your kids are curious and exploring their identity online. Thorn for Parents can help you start an ongoing dialogue about digital safety and the risks of online abuse. Get tips and resources to help you protect your child online.

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Community for youth

Sharing authentic experiences and exchanging advice with peers will help empower your teen. NoFiltr is an inclusive and non-judgmental online community where young individuals can find the resources necessary to navigate sexual exploration and risky encounters in the digital era.

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Support for victim identification

Behind every CSAM file is a child who needs your help. Through partnerships and our CSAM Classifier, Thorn adds efficiency to the work being done by law enforcement and NGOs. Access the tools to find victims of child sexual abuse faster.

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For Platforms

Is your platform at risk?

Explore cutting-edge research on threats and opportunities for online safety. Get clear on potential risks for content-hosting platforms.

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For Parents

How to prevent online grooming

Everything you need to know to help keep kids safe online and better understand their experiences.

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Ready to be part of the solution?

Learn more about how you and Thorn can work together for good.