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Announcing the Thorn 2015 Impact Report

By April 7, 2016 November 1st, 2016 No Comments

Every day, we wake up, get to work and think about how we can get the right people in the right rooms so that we can save children from exploitation.

Individuals and organizations are creating laws, crafting strategies, and inventing technologies every day all around us, and our work is to bring those leaders and experts together to work for a common goal — the protection of the world’s children.

Thorn 2015 Impact Report: Saving Lives Through Partnerships

In 2015 we did a lot of things, and we are going to do a lot things this year as well. However long that list may get the number that matters at the end of the day is 610. This year we supported projects, programs, technology and events that led to the rescue of 610 victims of sexual exploitation.

We hope that you enjoy learning a little bit about how each of our 2015 programs work, and what they have accomplished so that you can feel the progress we are making, and the hope we have for the future. We know that your support makes this work possible. Thank you for protecting children.

Take a look at our 2015 Impact Report to see what we and our partners accomplished in 2015.