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Thorn Messages of Support

November 13, 2023

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This month, Thorn celebrates 11 years of impact in defending children from sexual abuse.

Our small but mighty team brings their expertise in technology, child protection, business, nonprofit management and more to our mission. They have devoted their careers to defending children. Here are just some of their incredible stories:


“After working in technology organizations for 15+ years, I always felt there should be an organization dedicated to using technology for good, specifically to protect our most vulnerable population – children. 

We can harness cloud computing, machine learning, and data science to innovate new approaches to detecting CSAM on the internet. Not only are we protecting children, we are supporting adult survivors of abuse by removing known content.”


“When I was growing up, the idea of working at the intersection of technology and the nonprofit sector was an improbable dream. Yet today, I find myself in a remarkable place – a member of the Trust & Safety community thanks to the mission and establishment of Thorn that allows me to empower youth to help them safely navigate their online world.

Growing up, I always heard the phrase ‘It takes a village,’ and it was not until I got to Thorn where I realized just how true that statement is. [Our team is] dedicated to solving problems through innovative and practical means.”


“As a social media professional, I’ve seen how powerful finding community and connection online can be–and conversely, how imperative it is for us to make the internet a safer place to be.

From my earliest days as a teen user to today as an adult, I am mindful of my digital interactions and feel fiercely protective of the young people navigating these waters. Our prevention programs help youth to tell their stories authentically and also provide caregivers with support and resources for the latest digital topics. I feel personally and professionally rewarded by Thorn’s work.”


“This is hard work. We often describe this issue space as something that once you know, you can’t un-know it. I’m proud to be a part of the Thorn team surrounded by people who have dedicated their brilliance, their passion, their time to building a better world for kids.”


You can join us in our mission to defend children from sexual abuse. 

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