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NoFiltr Launches Youth Innovation Council to Design the Future of the Internet

November 2, 2022

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Thorn and NoFiltr

At Thorn, we believe youth have the power to create safe, supportive and resilient digital communities together. It’s why we created NoFiltr to elevate authentic youth voices in the digital spaces they care about. This prevention program seeks to increase awareness among youth about the risks of sharing nudes online, change toxic attitudes that shame victims, and equip youth with the knowledge and tools they need to resist online threats. 

NoFiltr Youth Innovation Council 

NoFiltr isn’t your typical behavior change PSA packaged up for the digital age. We are creating innovative social content for youth, by youth. The Youth Innovation Council is the heartbeat of what we do at NoFiltr. Its mission is to provide a curriculum-like framework for innovation, creativity and design that allows youth to use their skills to speak to their peers about the importance of online safety in a digital landscape. 

Youth Innovation Council positions fall into four categories: Content Creators, Social Strategists, Digital Campaigners, and Digital Community Leaders. Each will help shape the campaign over the next year.

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Meet the Class of 2022-23

After evaluating many strong applications, twenty-two exceptional youth ages 13-17 from four different time zones were chosen for this cohort. Meet the youth working to build digital spaces we all want to be in:

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