We’ve learned a lot, and know that this is no time to be on the sidelines.


5,894 kids identified

With the help of Thorn’s tools, law enforcement and investigators have been able to identify 5,791 child sex trafficking victims and rescue 103 children from situations where their sexual abuse was recorded and distributed. We’re building tools to stand up the toughest environments and empowering the frontlines to stop abuse before it happens.


6,608 bad actors disrupted

Law enforcement officers and investigators are using our tools to investigate child sex trafficking and abuse globally. And it’s working. We’re speeding up investigation time by as much as 65%, which means law enforcement can get to more victims who need help.


140,000 individuals seeking help

We communicate directly with people searching for child sexual abuse material, disrupting their sense of anonymity, aiming to change their behavior and increase their accountability. Our child sexual abuse deterrence program has seen over 2.6 million visitors and 140,000+ instances where individuals went on to actively seek further help.


3.5M teens learned about sextortion

Sextortion thrives on the victim being too ashamed to tell anyone to reach out for help. We’re working to change that. Our Stop Sextortion campaign helped to spread the word far and wide that there is no shame in asking for help.

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Our community keeps growing

We have 300,000+ digital supporters and more volunteers than we have time to process. This growing community is sharing wins and finding ways to push our work further. We are a full time staff of 20, partnered with 30+ top tech companies, 5,000+ law enforcement officers, and 20+ NGOs. We are all coming together for every child we will never know, to be sure they are safe, curious and happy.

We're pushing ourselves even further and we can't do it without you.

You are a force for good.