Getting the best advantage into the right hands.

Our work is guided by three principles.

We refuse to live in a world where the technology exists to help kids but simply isn’t being used. We build powerful products, lead new programs, maintain essential resources, and develop awareness campaigns to attack the issue from all sides. Technology must be part of the solution.

accelerate victim identification

equip platforms

empower the public


We identify critical technical needs and produce tools that allow law enforcement to stay ahead of perpetrators and identify more children.

Since 2016, Spotlight has helped law enforcement find kids faster. Our flagship product was developed based on the insights gained from our first survivor survey. Spotlight accelerates victim identification and helps law enforcement make the best use of the critical time they have to focus on finding more child sex trafficking victims.


kids per day identified on average


reduction in critical search time daily


victimized kids identified in total


Many small and mid-size companies do not have the resources or knowledge to implement child safety procedures and tools, making their platforms vulnerable to abusive content and behavior. We offer resources and tools for companies to help protect kids on their platforms.

Our first step in equipping platforms is the Sound Practices Guide, offering best practices and concrete steps for companies of all sizes to help protect kids on their platforms, including the Industry Hash Sharing program and PhotoDNA.

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making platforms safer

Thorn’s commercial product, Safer, is the first comprehensive solution for platforms to identify, remove and report child sexual abuse material.

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Here’s where we share what we’ve learned. It’s all about preventing further abuse. We’re getting the word out – increasing awareness and starting conversations.

nofiltr youth outreach

Our latest prevention work seeks to increase awareness about self generated content, change toxic attitudes, and equip youth with the knowledge and tools they need to resist online threats. We incorporate youth voices every step of the way to ensure our content is effective.

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Stop Sextortion

Sextortion can have a devastating impact on victims, and it can happen to anyone. Based on research with over 3,000 youth, we developed our Stop Sextortion campaign and help resources to increase awareness about sextortion, de-stigmatize the issue, and encourage individuals to reach out for help and support their friends.

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Deterrence Program

With the sheer volume of illicit child abuse material online, law enforcement isn’t equipped to find and identify all the people searching for this content. The result is that people search and share with a seemingly low risk of getting caught. We work to intercept this behavior and change it – reducing the demand for abuse content overall.

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