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Take a stand. Sign the pledge.

It’s something we all can agree on: childhood should be a time of joy, exploration, and growth.

But for many children, that joy is taken away.

In today’s digital age, children naturally connect and explore online. But the online spaces that kids frequent weren’t designed with safety in mind, and we’re seeing the consequences, including a staggering rise in child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online, from 450,000 reported files of suspected CSAM in 2004 to over 87 million today.

And behind those files are real children—victims of abuse—whose lives will never be the same.

The reality is that children are sexually abused every day, and the internet only makes it worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and we don’t have to scroll by while it happens. We can end this public health crisis and create a better world for every child, now and for generations to come.

That’s why Thorn is building tools and programs to defend children from sexual abuse. We envision a world where every child is free to simply be a kid—but we can’t get there alone.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping kids safe. If we work together, we can defend every child from sexual abuse. And it starts with your belief in a better future.

“I believe that every child has the right to a joyful childhood, free from sexual abuse.”