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3 Ways Your Donation Helps Thorn Fight Child Exploitation

By December 23, 2014 November 1st, 2016 No Comments

Did you know that Thorn’s founders fund 100% of our overhead costs? This means that your donations are going directly towards funding important programs that fight child exploitation. We want to highlight three ways that your donations are having a direct impact on our programs that combat child sex trafficking and stop the spread of child abuse imagery.

Digital Deterrence of Child Exploiters

One of our most important tools in the fight against child exploitation is our deterrence program. Thorn’s deterrence program aims to stop individuals who are searching for child abuse content online, and directs them to find help. Donations to Thorn help keep this program running — to date, over 5,000 people have reached out for help to change their behavior before viewing child abuse imagery.

Technological Innovation Research

Thorn is an incubator of new ideas and believes in taking risks for great reward. Part of this value is manifested by not only keeping up with advancements in technology, but pioneering new technologies, and leading the conversation on how intersecting data can be used to save children. Your donations help fund independent and collaborative research programs.

Disruption, Rescue and ID

Your donations are also critical for funding the expansion of tools that disrupt predatory environments. It takes hours of manpower and many technological resources to cross-reference millions of photographs to help identify and rescue children. Your donations help keep these programs running and assist in making the internet a safer place for children.

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