At Thorn, we believe in a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy.

For us, that means building digital tools and programs to defend children from sexual abuse online. We work every day to shine a light in the darkest corners of the internet so more children can explore, connect, and learn safely. 

Eliminating child sexual abuse from the internet is simultaneously one of the most urgent and most complex problems we face as a society today.

We can’t solve this problem alone. That’s why we need your help. 

Become a Thorn Builder

Thorn Builders is the new program exclusively for Thorn donors who commit to a monthly gift of any amount. We’re in this fight for the long haul, and Builders help create a sustainable source of funding that ensures we’ll be able to achieve our goal of eliminating child sexual abuse from the internet.

This is how we build the world we believe in: by bringing together partners, organizations, and a collective of those — including you, the Thorn community and our supporters — who demand an end to the online exploitation of children. 

We need 250 new builders to join us this summer to help us build a sustainable foundation and accelerate Thorn’s work to defend child victims and survivors from online sexual abuse.

Join today and receive an exclusive Builders tote bag.

Hear from the team you’ve helped us build

Your support helps us to build more tools, reach more people, and bring more of the best and brightest minds to work on this extremely complex and nuanced issue. Here’s what members of Team Thorn have to say about coming to Thorn and doing this work:

Julie Cordua, CEO

“This is absolutely the most gratifying work I can do with the skills I have. It is amazing to wake up every day and feel challenged, work with incredible people, and build something that results in giving kids a better chance at a happy, healthy future.”  

Eleanor G, Safer Support Engineer

“When I first came to work at Thorn I knew I was coming to work on an issue that I cared deeply about. What I didn’t know yet was that I was joining a team brimming with kindness, creativity, brilliance, and dedication. This unstoppable team makes me excited to come to work every day, knowing we’re making a real difference together — and the knowledge that there are real kids behind every statistic in the wins and challenges we share is the greatest inspiration.” 

Kelbi S, Programs Associate

“In 2014, I found Thorn while working for the Office of the Indiana Attorney General. I was immediately drawn to the mission and inspired by Thorn’s innovative approach to this issue.

Our products and programs give me so much hope. Knowing our work is needed and knowing we are actively making an impact inspires me to do this work every day.”

Grace T, Engineering Manager

In 2017, I organized a group of engineers at the company I worked for to go to Thorn’s New York City hackathon. I was absolutely blown away by how smart, compassionate, and driven all of the Thorn engineers were.

The child sex trafficking space is ever shifting and requires dedicated innovation to keep children safe now and in the future. I am consistently inspired by the Thorn team’s dedication day-in and day-out.”

Sanjay K, Senior Business Development Manager

I was working at Google when I first learned about Thorn through Julie Cordua’s TED Talk. After watching Julie’s talk, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could help stop the exponential rise of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), not just at Google, but for the world. As I learned more about Thorn’s technology and connected with more Thorn employees, I continually felt intellectually impressed and emotionally motivated, and was convinced that my contributions at Thorn would be some of, if not the most important and meaningful work I’d ever do in my life.

We have the technology to stop digital bad actors, protect our children online and offline, eliminate CSAM, and stop its circulation on the open web: now it’s our job to scale it. I work hard every day hoping that one day child safety technologies are commonplace and we once again have a world largely absent of CSAM.

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A monthly gift of any amount means the most vulnerable children will have a chance to simply be a kid. 

Become a Builder today. Together, we can end online child sexual abuse.