We know that the hard facts about child pornography are devastating. So why are we so optimistic?

Because we’ve spent the past five years building strategies, partnerships, and technology to ensure that we will never be so far behind again.

Today, the tools that Thorn builds are at work around the globe every day. They are enabling law enforcement to identify children faster and get to them sooner, and allowing tech platforms to quickly remove existing abuse content that drives abuser demand and re-traumatizes victims with every viewing.

We’ve charted a clear and focused path forward. With support from TED, and in collaboration with a global ecosystem dedicated to child protection, we are:

  1. Equipping law enforcement and tech companies with the technological tools they need.
  2. Driving data collaboration that will share key clues globally to find more victims, faster.
  3. Growing our team, our products, and investing in research and development.
  4. Collaborating closely with our global partners.

The technology that makes our lives easier and more connected can also be used to protect kids. Today, we hold the power of the internet in our pockets. Our browsers can predict — and deliver — our every want in real time. So what if what we wanted, more than anything else, was to defend children from the horrific abuses that they endure today? What if we used our collective power to demand the elimination of child sexual abuse once and for all?

At Thorn, we’ve envisioned a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy. If you’re ready to build that world alongside us, you’re in the right place.

Share our TED Talk with one friend today, and help us grow a community standing strong in opposition to child sexual abuse.

“Now, as a public, we need to mobilize the will to face this issue head on. When we don’t talk about it, abuse and injustice thrive. Removing taboos and starting an honest conversation around the realities of child sexual abuse will change the lives of thousands of children, and defend millions more from exploitation.” –Thorn CEO, Julie Cordua

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