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How to support Thorn for the 2020 holiday season

December 1, 2020

4 Minute Read

When we talk about a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy, that world includes time with their families, playing games, and eating good food. As we approach the end of a trying and revealing year, we’re taking stock of what we have and what gets us through the hard times. This work, this community, this deeply held belief that we can change the world for the better — they’re all driving us forward.

We hope you have the support you need this holiday season, and if you find yourself with a little extra to share, there are so many ways to support and celebrate this work.

Giving Tuesday

This year, Facebook is matching donations made to nonprofits on the platform on #GivingTuesday. To top it off, Facebook does not charge a transaction fee, so 100% of donations made through Facebook go directly to fund Thorn’s programs. Join us for this global day of giving — when we all pull together, we have an incredible impact.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Giving Tuesday on Facebook:

Start a Fundraiser

We’ve seen many community members incorporate fundraising into their holiday celebrations over the years. Families have encouraged donations instead of gifts as a yearly tradition (we even had one fundraiser where the youngest family member gets to pick the organization), and holiday party guests have been encouraged to donate instead of bringing wine.

Starting a fundraiser during the holidays is a perfect way to keep your values front and center, grounding this time of year in reflection, gratitude for what we have, and hope to build a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy.

Employee Giving

Do you work for an organization with a corporate giving program? Get Thorn added to the list! Check out this packet for more information.

Great SWAG

It’s a cozy time of year, in a year with unparalleled sweatshirt sales. If you’re looking for one more, or the perfect one to give someone, take a look at our shop! Have a design you’d like to see? Send us a DM online and we’ll see what we can do.


A little like Amazon Smile, but for the brands you already buy from directly. This link will take you to where you can search for the things that are already on your list, and when you buy through Spendow, the brand makes a donation directly to Thorn on your behalf! A win-win for sure.


If you’re looking to make cash back on your daily purchase, GivingAssistant helps you do just that. Get your, #%, 10%, back on your purchases and choose a percent to donate to a cause of your choice. Another great way to support Thorn, and the causes you care about most.

Donate monthly

We’re unleashing the power of technology on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children. Monthly donations give us the space to move quickly, to take risks and create solutions that no one else can.

If you plan to do your holiday shopping on Amazon, use Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchases will be donated to a charity of your choice. Set up your Amazon Smile account today by going to and choosing Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children from the list of organizations.

Round up your everyday purchases

Your everyday purchases this holiday season (and beyond) can have an impact, by rounding up to the nearest dollar. These small donations add up to big, long-term, strategic impact.

Share the TED talk

Starting the conversation is hard, but we’ve already done it together. Spread the word, and make it easier for everyone to know how they can be a part of the solution in 2020.

Tell the world

Show your support of Thorn with the gift of swag! Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s gifts for your friends and family. Sometimes that’s exactly what we all need, an easy reminder that having a bold vision and the willingness to work hard can pay off, and that we can all change the world.

We are so thankful for this community, and for the support you all provide year-round. 2020 has been challenging, but we’ve made great strides in protecting children, and we’ve done it together. Let’s kick this season off right, and look forward to another year of defending the most vulnerable children.

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