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February, 2024

Youth Perspectives on Online Safety in Germany

February, 2024

Youth Perspectives on Online Safety in France

November, 2023

Youth Perspectives on Online Safety, 2022: an Annual Report of Youth Attitudes and Experiences

June, 2023

How LGBTQ+ Youth Are Navigating Exploration and Risks of Sexual Exploitation Online

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June, 2023

Generative ML and CSAM: Implications and Mitigations

March, 2023

Sending, receiving, and nonconsensually sharing nude or near-nude images by youth

February, 2023

Responding to Online Threats: Minors’ Perspectives on Disclosing, Reporting, and Blocking in 2021

October, 2022

Self-Generated Child Sexual Abuse Material: Youth Attitudes and Experiences in 2021

September, 2022

American Parents’ Perceptions of Child Explicit Image Sharing

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