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Julie Cordua, Thorn CEO

October 22, 2021

WeProtect’s new report confirms the need for a holistic, global response to child sexual abuse online

When I started working on this issue nearly 10 years ago, it quickly became clear that to effectively respond to the threat of online child sexual abuse at the speed and scale it would require, we needed much, much more…
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Girl holding a tablet with encrypted graphics
NewsTechnology For Good
August 5, 2021

Apple’s expanded child protections and the future of digital child protection

Today we commend Apple as a global technology leader in taking a critical first step in announcing their commitment to identify and report CSAM within encrypted environments— and detailing the technology they'll use to do so.
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April 14, 2021

Two years after TED, we stand at a critical moment in the fight to eliminate CSAM

Two years ago, I stepped onto the TED stage to deliver a message about what my team at Thorn was working on:  “We're building the technology to connect these dots, to arm everyone on the front lines — law enforcement,…
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A letter from CEO Julie Cordua
Technology For Good
December 18, 2020

Building technology to serve every child in 2020 and beyond

Friend, Nearly a decade of scrappy growth has taught us a lot about how to work with uncertainty — how to thrive in it. There wasn’t a playbook when we founded Thorn almost a decade ago.  We knew there was…
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Head shot of Julie Cordua
NewsTechnology For Good
April 30, 2020

A letter from our CEO: Julie Cordua on Thorn’s response to COVID-19

I hope all of our community members reading this are healthy and staying safe. Over the past months, as COVID-19 has spread around the world and impacted all of our lives, here at Thorn we’ve been focused on how these…
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Child Sexual Abuse Material
April 17, 2019

A Bold Goal: Eliminating Child Sexual Abuse from the Internet

Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, on setting big goals, TED and The Audacious Project — At Thorn, our vision has always been clear, but the path has not. At every step, we have learned and encountered new challenges that have…
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January 15, 2019

Partnering with for Outsized Impact

At Thorn we work fast, building the best products we can to change the way we defend children from sexual abuse. When we have an idea that could transform the way we work we don’t shy away just because it…
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February 14, 2017

Clarity & Focus in 2017

Failing is hard.  Really hard when you fail to help an abused child.  This is the type of failure that keeps you up at night, and it’s the type that clarifies our purpose. (more…)
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PartnersTechnology For Good
July 27, 2016

Hacking at Microsoft //oneweek to ID Exploited Children

Oftentimes when a child is in trouble, one of the only clues we have is his or her face.  We can have a picture of a missing child and be looking for them, or we can have a picture of…
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digital defenders
PartnersTechnology For Good
March 8, 2016

Women in Tech Join Digital Defenders to Protect Children

When I graduated from college, I was set on becoming a CMO of a Fortune 100 company.  I believed the private sector had the opportunity to create positive change in the world and that was where I wanted to invest…
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