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School kids using smart phones in schoolyard
October 25, 2022

New Thorn Research Monitors Evolution of Youth Attitudes and Experiences with SG-CSAM

Findings from 2021 reveal a sustained increase in the number of young people sharing their own SG-CSAM as well as the perceived normalcy of non-consensually re-sharing another child's SG-CSAM.
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Life at Thorn
October 10, 2022

10 Wellness Tips for World Mental Health Day

Once you know about child sexual abuse, you can't un-know it. In order to stay resilient in the fight to defend children from sexual abuse, protecting mental health is paramount. 
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Thorn Team
October 6, 2022

Defending Children is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Team Thorn trains for the 2022 NYC Marathon, raising funds and awareness to defend children from sexual abuse online.
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Life at Thorn
September 6, 2022

From Tech to Philanthropy

It's not uncommon for people with varied backgrounds to find their way to Thorn. While everyone has their own personal story, they're all clearly united by the mission. One of them is Sanjay Krishnamurthy, our Senior Manager of Business Development.
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Technology For Good
August 25, 2022

Safer Impact Report

Our Progress Towards Eliminating CSAM with Safer At Thorn, we’re on a mission to create a safer internet for children, beginning with the elimination of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). In 2021, with the help of our industry tool, Safer,…
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Several employees looking at a clipboard and problem solving during an event.
Life at Thorn
August 23, 2022

Building Culture in a Remote-first Organization

Imagine a world where the internet is a safe place for children to learn, connect, and play. This is what tech innovators envisioned when they created the robust global network that's become ingrained in our daily lives.
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School kids using smart phones in schoolyard
Child Sexual Abuse MaterialNewsParentingResearch
August 3, 2022

New Research from Thorn: Many Kids Sharing Nudes Before Parents Talk to Them About Safety

At Thorn, we know that talking openly with kids about online safety not only increases their knowledge about the topic but their willingness to tell a parent when issues come up.  We also know that having conversations about online safety,…
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Two young teens sitting next to one another on a porch and looking at a smartphone.
Child Sexual Abuse MaterialNewsResearch
June 6, 2022

New Thorn Research Examines Youth Experiences and Attitudes about Online Grooming

Many of us remember being taught about “stranger danger” as kids. It seemed fairly straightforward at the time: Be careful around strangers. Avoid talking to people you don’t know. But in this digital age, socializing has completely changed – and…
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Three European Union flags fluttering at the top of three flag poles.
Child Sexual Abuse MaterialNewsPartners
May 31, 2022

Open Letter: Thorn and 90+ Organizations Welcome the EU’s Proposal to Prevent and Combat Child Sexual Abuse

On May 11, the European Commission released a proposed Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse. It is timely and historic, not just for Europe but for the world. When passed, this legislation has the potential…
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