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Danielle Melfi

Elisa Massimino and Ashton Kutcher at a Congressional Hearing.
February 15, 2018

What a Year: 365 Days Defending Kids

If I’ve learned anything during my time at Thorn, it’s that every day has the potential to be extraordinary. This time last year, I had just kicked off my heels and collapsed onto my couch with a sigh of relief.…
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Child Sex Trafficking
July 6, 2017

Human Trafficking Policy: The Latest From DC

Thorn kicked off our work in DC with a bang — with a testimony from our co-founder’s before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We may be the new kids on the block, but we have some big goals to educate…
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Child Sex Trafficking
June 22, 2017

Fight Child Sexual Exploitation Today: Be an Advocate

Here at Thorn, one part of our work is equipping law enforcement with the technology they need to help identify children exploited through sex trafficking or child sexual abuse imagery faster. This work would not be possible without the policies…
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Life at Thorn
March 13, 2017

My First 30 Days as a Policy and Development Manager at Thorn

I never quite imagined that I’d be escorting Ashton Kutcher around Capitol Hill.  Three weeks into working at Thorn I had our whole team in tow, zig zagging from office to office, sharing Thorn’s mission with interested Senators. Walking home…
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