Female employee talk on video call with colleagues
Thorn Team
April 9, 2020

How we pivoted our in-person team meeting to a virtual summit overnight

As a remote-first, fully distributed team at Thorn, we connect virtually every day with tools like Zoom and Slack. But at least twice a year we get the whole team together for in-person meetings that provide critical team bonding and…
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Thorn Team
March 27, 2020

Working Remotely: Building a strong, effective engineering team while distributed

Tips for building, managing, and maintaining engineering teams in a remote-first environment   As a result of the current health crisis sweeping the world, we are a society that has gone virtual overnight. For many companies, engineering teams that were…
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Close up of hands working on a computer
NewsThorn Team
March 19, 2020

Working Remotely: Here’s what we’ve learned after 8 years

Tips for working from home from Thorn, a remote-first organization Eight years ago, when Thorn was founded, we challenged ourselves to find the best talent to support this mission, regardless of geography. It was this decision that led us to…
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External shot of the New York Times building in New York City.
Child Sexual Abuse MaterialNews
March 5, 2020

Here’s what you need to know about The New York Times podcasts on CSAM

The Daily, a podcast from the New York Times, recently produced two episodes on the state of child sexual abuse material on the Internet which were the culmination of months of reporting. It’s a hard story to tell, but we…
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Close up of computer code on a monitor.
NewsTechnology For Good
February 11, 2020

Meet the new anti-grooming tool from Microsoft, Thorn, and our partners

What you should know about this new anti-grooming technique   Technology is a powerful tool—one we can decide to use to keep children safe online. At Thorn, we believe in building a world where children can interact with technology and…
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Two young girls with skateboards surrounded by Thorn branding.
Child Sex TraffickingPrevention
January 28, 2020

5 ways you can help to defend children from sex trafficking right now

We know the feeling well. When this issue hits you, it hits you hard, and your first thought is: “What can I do to help?” By choosing to learn more about this issue, you’ve already taken the first step towards…
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Child Sex TraffickingYouth At Risk
January 17, 2020

How vulnerabilities increase child sex trafficking risk

Addressing child sex trafficking takes a very particular set of skills. However, depictions in films like Taken don’t hold up when we start talking about what sex trafficking actually looks like. There are certainly victims being forcibly held against their…
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Child Sex Trafficking
January 11, 2020

5 things you might not know about child sex trafficking

Fighting child sex trafficking is central to the work we do here at Thorn—in fact, it’s why we were founded. We focus on the intersection of child sexual abuse and technology, and today work across many different issues—but we started…
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November 25, 2019

How to Support Thorn this 2019 Holiday Season

When we talk about a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy, that world includes time with their families, playing games, and eating good food. As we head into the end-of-year rush, we hope you’ll bring Thorn…
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Child Sexual Abuse MaterialNews
October 15, 2019

The Time is Now: We Can Eliminate Child Sexual Abuse from the Internet

We know that the hard facts about child pornography are devastating. So why are we so optimistic? Because we’ve spent the past five years building strategies, partnerships, and technology to ensure that we will never be so far behind again.…
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